Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Can you make up a story?

Here is a challenge for you, to make up a story to match the facial expressions I exhibit in these photos.


  1. "I have such a great story for you!"
    "A long time ago there was a grumpy guy"
    "He would get so mad, he would pick up things and throw them at people."
    "He threw this big chair and it hit a little girl, his little girl, right here above her eye."
    "He got so worried and ran to her. He told her that everything was going to be alright."
    "He picked her up, like this, and was going to take her to the village doctor"
    "But as he left the castle, he ran into a bear! That's it kids, we'll finish the story next week!"

  2. I witnessed a wreck on the way here.
    Oh, you saw the aftereffects.
    The cars just banged together like this and this one girl was bleeding from right here.
    It was such a shock to see.
    Our car was right behind them, I just knew that we would smack into them but I managed to brake in time.

  3. He tries so hard to be a good boy.
    But Mommy is very angry.
    "How could you break my heirloom angel!?" she screams.
    "WHAT were you thinking!?"
    Mommy is still yelling.
    "I'm very sad that my angel was broken, but I still love you very much."
    The little boys starts running to his mommy, but he trips and breaks....

  4. C,mon bloggers you absolutely can do this. You tell a story every time you blog.
    Say what? You feel silly?
    Eyeland Gurl, I can't believe you just said that. You've been blogging for 2 years and you're telling me you can't do this?
    Stop sweating the small stuff and let's get this done already!
    Ok. Go.
    Ok. Stop. That was terrible!
    Let's start again....slowly after 3. Go

  5. I am so angry that I woke up too late to catch the school bus to get my son to school. I think that I am so behind since we have changed to daylight savings time. I will have to set all the alarms in the house in order for us not to be late or miss the bus tomorrow. I am so livid right now, that I need to go to Starbucks and get a hot cup of coffee and sit down with my laptop. OMG! I just realized that I missed setting my cell phone alarm.

  6. What in the world were you thinking? You cannot, I repeat, cannot say that. Oy!

  7. Jiminy! What the heck did you do? I can't believe this; what a mess! How many times have I told you to stop doing stupid stuff like this; I just want to strangle you!

    Whew, I can feel my blood pressure rising; it's making me sweat. Out of all the kids in the world you must be the stupidest. I try and try to get you to do the right thing and this is the best I can get? I just don't know what to do with you; I'm done...

    Wait; what's that in your hand? Where'd you find that? I've been looking for that for weeks! Oooh, I'm so happy that... wait... wasn't I just mad at you?

    1. LOL. I think that I have lived that story with my youngest son. Great job capturing the emotion!

  8. Reversal of Fortune
    At first, I was afraid. I was petrified. I didn't think I could make it without you by my side. But then, I thought, "Oh!" I remembered all those nights you done me wrong. It made me strong! And now, I look at you with that look upon your face and say …

    "Get out of here before I knock you into outer space!"

    1. Very entertaining! Not only did you write a story, but you used rhythm and music in it. Thanks for playing!

  9. "What do you mean, you "thought" it was O.K...... I've told you 100 times that it was NOT! The next time you do that I am going too........!!!

  10. Gooo gooo gooo.
    What, what.

    I feel like we have the 50 shades of emotions going on here.

    1. LOL. Maybe it is the fifty shades of emotions. Good title!

  11. Do NOT tell me you just did that!
    Who do you think you are?
    I could seriously just strangle you!
    But, I'm smarter than that, you know.
    Instead I'll sing a song to distract me.
    Then, I'll be like, "Okay, whatever...."
    Until you do the exact same thing all over again!

  12. I'm not much of a fiction writer but I think there's a photo in there that shows how big of a fish you caught and maybe something at the end about someone (or thing?) sneaking up on you. Hmm. You do seem quite expressive and I'd love to see you tell a story!

  13. I can not believe you just asked me to write a story!
    Who do you think you are, I'm busy and don't have time for this!
    Now I have to try to figure out something clever to write about, my brain is JUST NOT WORKING!
    Wait, just a minute now, I think a story is forming.
    Oh, yes, I will write a story about having to write a story and the emotions I just went through.
    Ha! Bet you didn't see that one coming did you?
    Uh oh, I hope you aren't offended by this....

  14. I'm not creative enough to come up with anything funny, but every picture looks like me exasperated with one of my children! haha! What a fun blog post! :)

  15. That was a very creative post. Thanks so much for sharing.

  16. Shut the front door!
    We never have anything like that happen to us!!!
    I'm not sure I heard you right.
    Oooh, now I understand.
    You thought it would be nice to win a cruise :)
    But wait, what if I get seasick?

  17. That darn dog...he's done it again!
    How many times have I told you not to let him loose!
    What did he do? He's ripped out all the plants!
    I'm warning you now.
    If he does that again, I'm giving him away!
    Now, now...don't cry....
    Mommy's not serious........

    What a fun post! :)

  18. What a fun activity! I imagine a coming-of-age story of a teenager fighting with his parents for independence. In this conversation, the parents are frustrated with his immaturity, but ultimately they have to let him go and let him learn things the hard way - what a scary move as a parent! Thanks for the exercise!

  19. Interesting idea for a post. I would really like to hear the story that really goes with the pictures. However, I am a bit too sleep-deprived to come up with something right now myself.

  20. And so I . . .
    That seriously ticks me off!
    Now what am I going to do? Let me think . . . .
    Oh, I know . . . .
    It's really simple.
    But it could get scary!

  21. You did what?
    You didn't really expect me to believe that did you?

  22. You did what?
    When I get my hands on them...
    Let me think..
    Oh No!
    Not my car, please tell me it wasn't the car...
    You are in so much trouble!

    (This is so much fun! Thanks!)

    1. You definitely made me laugh. It sounded like a parent and teen story.

  23. What do you MEAN you ate all of the cookies?!
    Wait, WHO told you you could?
    I am going to KILL them!
    If you think for one second you're going to get away with this...
    Oh, believe me, you'll be sorry soon enough.
    Go ahead and cry like a little baby...
    Oh, no, don't cry, I didn't mean it, have as many cookies as you want!!

    lol I'm not too good at this. Fun challenge, though :)

    1. You were very good at coming up with a story! You made me laugh with your "Mother as a Cookie Monster."

  24. To be honest I am not good at this...I am sorry :). But I like the idea and I also have read some nice answers! Best wishes!

    1. Not to worry. Stories come to us sometimes when we aren't even trying. My sons and I make up "what if" stories all the time. Like when we were driving past a homeless guy today who held a sign that said 'Want work. Anything Helps." My son asked me "What would happen if we offered him $20 to come do some building project for us?" One of us can spin a whole story based on that question.

  25. Once upon a time there was a big grumpy bear. He was so grumpy, that all the people in the nearby village were fearful for their lives.

    He was so big that he could pick up trees, and so grumpy that he gave himself a headache. Which made him even more grumpy.

    "I'm not afraid of the grumpy bear!", shouted one foolish young villager. "That bear is no match for me", he laughed, striding into the forest.

    Just then, he heard twigs snapping behind him, and the grunting breaths of what could only be the grumpy bear.

    The foolish villager stood, frozen to the spot, and then....

    1. Wow! I spy a storyteller here! This is definitely the beginning of your own tale.

  26. Creative I am speechless. You caught me off guard. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Not to worry. Sometimes the story comes to you much later, when you least are trying to make it up. Thanks for visiting!

  27. OK Team. I know it's hot. I know you're tired. But you can do this. On the count of three get out there and fight. 1...2...3...GO!

    1. Yes, it could be a pep talk! Of course, it ends with a scary ending. Maybe the coach is thinking "Oh, no, what is happening?" Thanks for playing!

  28. "I was driving by this yard full of tacky lawn ornaments. I was like, 'Who would want all that junk in their yard?' There was a big, ugly urn; a saluting soldier; an opera singer; and Vanna White. I was like, 'Man, this is creepy!' "

    1. Very nice! I can totally see that junky yard from your description. I just hope no one ever says that about my yard.

  29. I think my kids must be doing something to destroy my yard.

  30. This is such a fantastic idea for a blog post. I just wish I could formulate a story in my head. But the first picture looks like it would be a story about driving a car. Maybe road rage would be involved?

  31. This would be a great homeschool writing prompt!

  32. Ha! Such a cute way to post. It would be a great writing prompt!

  33. Oh this is awesome!!! How creative is that!! I'm going back now to try and decipher through the giggles!! Thanks

    Choo choo went the train.
    Who's coming on this train, pa? He asked
    Supposedly it's this big hairy creature,
    but he doesn't know he's a big hairy creature.
    Ohhh! I remember the kids talking about him in school!
    They said he would be a shoe in for our class!
    But the teacher warned us... don't turn our backs on him....

  34. Well, um, well, I was just teaching her to drive and well, there are just no words....
    I mean I am exhausted....
    How far did we get?
    Not even out of the driveway.....
    Maybe tomorrow